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Marcus knew several eighteen-year-olds, but none looked anything like Cindy. In fact, most of the twenty-something girls in his college classes hadn't looked anything like Cindy. Her body was nearly perfect with long shapely legs, toned abs now visible below her tiny top, a perfect heart shaped ass and firm c-cups breasts. Her nipples were large and erect, as they nearly always were, making one assume that she was constantly aroused. Cindy climbed in and slid across the bench seat to settle next to Marcus, ignoring the fact that her skirt rode high up her smooth, perfectly tanned thighs. When she turned to put her gym bag behind the passenger seat the twisting exaggerated her cleavage, loosened her halter-top, and gave Marcus a nearly complete view of her young, though fully-developed, breasts. The sheer, clip-in-front, half-cup bra she wore was probably a size too small. Most of her dark pink areolae were exposed and little else was left to the imagination.

Marcus was in no real hurry, this gorgeous, young, white teen was his for the taking and he was going to savor every minute. He began lightly massaging her breasts and brushing his palms across her nipples. It was her turn to moan.

He could sense she was close. Her cunt muscles were squeezing his fingers. He quickly jammed a third finger in that hot, dark pleasure palace. He watched her ass bouncing off the seat as she fucked back against his fingers. Her eyes glazed over. She had stopped stroking him and was barely touching him. He wasn't the least concerned. He would get her to satisfy him later. For now he would just enjoy the sight of this beautiful, young, teen slut spread wide before him and relish the control he had over her.

Marcus was enjoying the sight of his large black cock penetrating the little white slut's red lips, her blond hair caressing his rich mahogany thighs, her mouth stretched wide, her cheeks collapsing rhythmically as she sucked and bobbed.

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But of course it didn't hurt. As her cunt lips stretched to take more and more of his thick black cock the warmth spread throughout her young teen body again. She was surprised as a small orgasm quickly rippled through her body. When his cock bottomed out and their pubic hairs were nested together he stopped and held her close, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone while flexing his groin muscles to jerk his cock inside the tight, wet enclosure. This unexpected action brought on a second small orgasm and an accompanying cry of pleasure.

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