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Where To Buy Jockey Underwear

Size range: 5 to 9 (roughly S to 2XL)Fabric: 100% cotton body; 100% cotton gussetColors: The Hanes underwear comes in multipacks of six, with a mix of solids (white, gray, black, pastel pink, light blue, dark blue, beige) and stripes or florals.Care instructions: Machine-wash warm; tumble-dry low.

where to buy jockey underwear

The world of underwear is vast. Hundreds of retailers sell it. You can buy it in grocery stores, department stores, malls, online direct-to-consumer, lingerie shops, and nearly every big-box store. We would not be shocked if Home Depot came out with its own line of underwear. Which is to say that narrowing down the field is a daunting endeavor. We limited our scope of brands to underwear specialists (rather than general clothing brands), testing longstanding mass-market multipacks, intimate lines, and newer, direct-to-consumer disruptors.

Fabric quality: We tested pairs in a variety of fabrics, asking our panel members to consider feel, weight, and texture of the underwear in their rankings. Most mass-manufactured underwear does not have a fully enclosed gusset (where the cotton crotch panel is completely sewn onto the main body of the underwear), but those that do exhibit a mark of care and quality. Nearly every pair we tested, no matter the fabric, had a breathable cotton gusset.

Fit: Since fit is incredibly important, we did not test any one-size-fits-all underwear. We asked our testers to rate the fit on a scale from 1 to 5, factoring in whether or not the undies rode up, rolled down, or otherwise bunched, or if they became uncomfortable during a variety of everyday activities.

The cost of individual pairs can vary depending on bundle deals ($12 each or three for $30, for example), but the average cost of the underwear we tested was about $14 per pair. Though we tested several inexpensive multipacks, pairs sold individually came out on top according to our criteria for fit, fabric, and style. The exceptions were pairs from Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, which struck the right balance of fit and quality, regardless of the inexpensive price tag.

We wanted to test Nubian Skin underwear, a line of intimates with four nude shades designed for women of color. But the UK-based company has a $100 free-shipping minimum, and its complicated return policy seemed a bit out of reach at the time we started testing items for this guide. (However, some styles are now available online at We would like to revisit this line for our next update.

Jockey International, Inc. is an American manufacturer and retailer of underwear, sleepwear, and sportswear for men, women, and children. The company is based in Kenosha, Wisconsin.[3][4][5] Jockey invented the first men's Y-Front brief in 1934 and is a recognized trademark in 120 countries.

Coopers renamed itself Jockey Menswear, Inc. in 1971, and Jockey International, Inc. the following year.[8] In 1997 Jockey acquired the seamless panties division of Formfit-Rogers, and sold them under the name Form-Fit (this branding was later discontinued).[9] In 1982, Jockey introduced the Jockey For Her line of intimate apparel and underwear.[10]

Jockey manufactured Life and Formfit brands temporarily for Wal-Mart and Target. Jockey continues to manufacture the Life brand of men's underwear but discontinued the women's line in 2002. Jockey continues to manufacture both men's and women's lines for Target under the JKY brand.

In 2005, Jockey introduced its direct-selling division[14] The independent sales force, known as Comfort Specialist Consultants, sells products for women. Product lines include outerwear, sportswear, active wear, and accessories. Jockey International Chairman and CEO Debra S. Waller founded Jockey Person to Person.

Student savings: Are you a student? Want to make your money go further? Well, at Jockey you can do just that. Students are offered a 10% discount at Jockey. Simply get verified with your student ID to access your savings. College essentials like socks and underwear just got cheaper.

It's all about comfort at the Jockey Store. Not only will you enjoy our nationally recognized guest service, you will be browsing the best selection of 1st quality Jockey products found anywhere! These are the same Jockey products you'll find in other stores, offered at our everyday low price of at least 25% off the ticketed price! During your visit you'll want to join the Jockey Rewards program and start earning free Jockey merchandise! Stop in the Jockey store for the comfort and quality you deserve!

According to a report by, Tebow will appear in commercials next week as a model for Jockey underwear. According to the story, Tebow is the first professional athlete to model underwear for Jockey since Jim Palmer in 1980, when the former Baltimore Orioles pitcher wore the Jockey Elance brief.

The first name in designer underwear didn't start out that way. Before Calvin Klein was a billboard-dominating global superbrand, it was an upstart American label credited as the first to slap its name on a pair of briefs, setting off a seismic shift in the men's underwear market in the process. After all these years, buying a pair of boxers stamped with that iconic Futura font still feels like a small luxury, an indulgence only you, your underwear drawer, and a select few others will ever be privy to. If you're looking for undergarments with a bona fide cultural pedigree, Calvin Klein is the place to start.

If you're looking for top of the line underwear made by a master of the form, Hanro's got you covered. The Swiss brand has been churning out decadent loungewear for the world's most discerning dressers for close to 150 years, and its stellar selection of undies is no exception. Touting the craftsmanship of a humble pair of boxer briefs might sound ludicrous (they're boxers, for god's sake!) but slip on a pair from Hanro and you'll immediately feel the difference. The brand's serious design chops coupled with a legacy of technical innovation means these are not-so-basics actually worth investing in.

Prefer your underwear built to the exacting specifications of a NASA spacesuit? Saxx is the brand for you. Every pair the company makes comes tricked out with its proprietary BallPark Pouch technology, the (slightly cringe-inducing) term Saxx uses to refer to the hammock-shaped pocket that lends its undies their signature support. Breathable mesh panels and an ergonomic nine-panel construction guarantee all-day comfort, while flat out seams promise to eliminate chafing and that telltale shimmy we've all had to do when something gets caught where it shouldn't.

Ever wondered what could possibly prompt someone to love a brand so much they refuse to wear anything not stamped with its name? You've clearly never met a real 'Lo Head. Ralph Lauren engenders so much adoration among its most ardent fans that depriving them of the chance to rep the brand in underwear form would be almost cruel. Even if you don't know your Purple Label from your P Wing, the brand's briefs are a great introduction to what it does best. 041b061a72

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