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Mishkat Al Masabih Arabic Pdf 22

Mishkat Al Masabih Arabic Pdf 22

Mishkat Al Masabih (Arabic: مشكاة المصابيح) is a famous collection of hadith (sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad) compiled by Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdullah al-Khateeb Al-Tabrizi (d. 741 AH / 1340 CE). It is an expanded version of Masabih al-Sunnah by Imam Al-Baghawi, with additional hadith and commentary. Mishkat Al Masabih contains between 4434 and 5945 hadith, divided into 29 books, covering various topics such as faith, prayer, fasting, charity, jihad, marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc. It is considered by Sunni scholars an important and reliable source of Islamic knowledge and guidance.

Mishkat Al Masabih has been translated into many languages, including Urdu, English, Persian, Turkish, and Bengali. The Urdu translation was done by Abdul Hakim Khan Shahjahanpuri (d. 1349 AH / 1930 CE), a renowned scholar and jurist of India. He translated the Arabic text with accuracy and clarity, and also added useful notes and references. The Urdu translation consists of three volumes, which are available online in PDF format .


The English translation was done by Mulana Abid Ur Rehman Kandhalvi (d. 2006 CE), a respected scholar and teacher of Pakistan. He translated the Arabic text with simplicity and elegance, and also provided explanatory footnotes and appendices. The English translation consists of four volumes, which are also available online in PDF format .

Mishkat Al Masabih is a valuable treasure of Islamic wisdom and spirituality, which can benefit anyone who reads it with sincerity and understanding. It is a source of inspiration and guidance for Muslims of all times and places. It is also a witness to the authenticity and beauty of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who was sent as a mercy to the worlds.

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