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Daniel Miller

Wankuri Rar [PATCHED]

Wankuri is a video game created by the company Argonaut Games, published by THQ, version 1.5, released on Nintendo Wii in 2010. Wankuri is a physics-based puzzle game where the player is given a robot head and a "tail" to give the robot its name, "Wankurin Head" or "Wankurin Tail". Once the robot is created, the player is given an indestructible tablet with instructions on how to proceed and additional resources. In order to progress, the player must create a "puzzle" by guiding the robot through different types of environments and objects which he or she can then use to interact with and progress through the game. The main goal of the game is to collect specific items in order to unlock the game's headquarters and allow the robot to go home, rather than just being a tool for the player to collect items. Wankuri has since received a sequel, titled Wankuurin Head 2: Project Rune (ポプトロニウム -PROJECT RUNE-), but it is not directly related to this game and is instead a physics game of its own.

Wankuri Rar

The website carries only free games, which are quite popular because of the constant updates (they update every week) and also because is a mirror of another site called They often carry wankuri in the game list. One of the frequent hosts of wankuri game is the site called "". In that site you will find wankuri games and also the majority of flash games.

There's probably just a few of you, still playing wankuri after 2 years. I'm curious, did you download the patcher file, or just download the patch. Couldn't remember if anything changed between the original and the patch.

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