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Buy Hot Dog Machine

We offer all the machinery and accessories needed to kit out your hot dog sales team. One simple order and we can deliver all the necessary products direct to your door. From our quality machinery to our condiment stand, we provide the basic utensils as well as accompanying items that help make your hot dog stand a certain attraction. All our steamers are quality controlled and we even offer a portable hot dog steamer for those vendors who hope to offer an even more convenient service to their clients. Our hot dog machines heat up fast, take very little space and last for years to keep your profits rolling.

buy hot dog machine

This hot dog steamer has a submersible heavy duty stainless steel heating element that will shut off when the water in the 8 quart water reservoir drops below a certain level. An adjustable thermostat allows this unit to operate in a wide variety of cooking and holding conditions. Our hot dog steamer has a maximum capacity of 164 hot dogs and 40 buns. You will also need a way to put water in the machine for the steamer. Hot Dogs cook in 20-30 minutes.

  • The Gold Medal 8007 Steamin' Demon Hot Dog Steamer is one of most popular hot dog steamers on the market today, featuring long-lasting stainless steel construction, a compact design and no painted parts to rust - this means your Gold Medal 8007 Steamin' Demon Hot Dog Steamer will be good as new many years from now. A hot dog juice tray (standard) makes your machine easier to clean and helps prolong the heating element life!Hot dog steamer Steams up to (90) 1/8 lb hot dogs or (40) hot dog buns Durable stainless steel construction Electrical: 120V, 1000W, 8.3 amps Dimensions: 19"W x 15-1/2"D x 16"H

Smaller than some machines, this Aventco machine holds as many hot dogs...or more....than the more expensive machines. Easy to set up and clean, we like the way it saves space. Adjusting the temperature, hot dogs stay fresh for a long time.

Carnival Times is your premiere provider of all your party rental needs. We carry over 150 unique party attractions, from moonwalks to mechanical bulls. Needing a cotton candy machine or bouncer for your next birthday party? We offer up to 6 hour rentals, and can provide overnight services too. Inflatables such as obstacle courses, giant slides, and even jousting arena's are available for any type of event. Looking for something unique? We carry foam dance party pits, Hoss the Mechanical Hog, and Human Hamster Balls too! Did you know we also carry photo booths and portable build a bear?

The humble hot dog remains a favourite meal or snack the world over, and is always a hit with the kiddies! Hot dogs are just synonymous with having a good time. Plus, they are quick, easy to make and delicious. Now, the commercial hot dog machine has brought more ingenuity, scope and variety to hot dog making. When getting down to the basics of hot dog creation, the type of hot dog machine you need will depend on the type of hot dog and bread you are using.

With the Roller Grill professional hot dog machine at your side, you can produce hot dogs for every scenario! They are perfect for food trucks and stalls, markets and fairs, sports events, etc. With the hot dog steamer or the sausage warmer, your hot dog is ready in one minute flat!

The hot dog machine steamers CS0E, CS 2 E, CS 4 E are equipped with a glass cylinder and heating pads. This kind of hot dog maker machine is very compact, and the sausages can be cooked in advance. This hot dog machine is often used for regular daily service such as in railway stations, airports and service stations.

The hot dog machine warmers RG 5, RG 7, RG 9 and RG 11 keep the pre-cooked sausages at the desired temperature, while the hot dog buns are heated in a bun warmer. This hot dog machine is often used for service in an especially short time frame, like at football and rugby stadium matches or at half-time.

The crispier bread such as the baguette retains all its qualities of soft doughy consistency inside and crustiness outside, when it is heated for a few seconds on a heating pad or heating stick, as per hot dog machine units CS 2 E, CS 3 E and CS 4 E.

The French hot dog is made of fresh sausage in a baguette bread with mustard, ketchup sauce or mayonnaise. The ideal commercial hot dog machine for this French style hot dog is the CS 0/2 /3/4 E sausage warmer invented by the French manufacturer, Roller Grill. The sausages are steamed in a glass sleeve, and a basket makes it possible to differentiate between sausages freshly added and cooked sausages. Depending on the model, the baguette bread is heated on heating pads in a matter of a few seconds. This hot dog maker machine is capable of producing 60 hot dogs per hour!

The Roller Grill RG 5/7/9/11 is often the preferred model for sporting events, shows and markets, etc. These high-performance units churn out 96 hot dogs per hour! This high-endurance hot dog machine is so simple to operate; just press the On/Off button and the rollers heat and rotate on themselves. The bun warmer, sold separately, is positioned under the roller grill with no loss of space.

With the steam cooking system, the trays and receptacles are completely removable and machine washable. In the case of the HDS 60, every part is removable. Nothing could be easier to clean roller grills: a simple sponge stroke on the chrome rollers does the trick! The juice drawers are also completely removable and dish-washer safe. 041b061a72

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