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Baas En Mossie Pdf 17

Baas en Mossie: A Classic Afrikaans Children's Book Series

If you grew up in South Africa in the 1970s or 1980s, you might have fond memories of reading the Baas en Mossie books. These were a series of children's books written in Afrikaans by C.M. Blignaut and H.A. Coetzee, and illustrated by Cora Coetzee. The books followed the adventures of Baas, a young boy who lived on a farm, and his loyal dog Mossie. Together, they had fun with their friends Pofmuis, a mouse who loved vetkoek, and Skilpad, a tortoise who was always late. The books were humorous, educational, and full of colorful illustrations that captured the rural life of South Africa.


The Baas en Mossie series was published by Perskor-Uitgewery in Doornfontein, Johannesburg, from 1974 to 1986. There were 17 books in total, each with a different theme and title. Some of the titles were Baas en Mossie se huis (Baas and Mossie's house), Baas en Mossie se skool (Baas and Mossie's school), Baas en Mossie se vakansie (Baas and Mossie's vacation), and Baas en Mossie se kersfees (Baas and Mossie's Christmas). The books were popular among Afrikaans-speaking children and teachers, who used them as reading material in primary schools. The books also helped to promote Afrikaans as a language of literature and culture.

Today, the Baas en Mossie books are considered classics of Afrikaans children's literature. They are still loved by many readers who grew up with them, and some of them have been reprinted or digitized for new generations. However, finding the original books or PDF versions of them can be challenging, as they are out of print and scarce. Some online platforms, such as Kumu and SoundCloud, have uploaded some of the books or excerpts from them for fans to enjoy. There are also some groups and pages on social media that are dedicated to sharing memories and images of the Baas en Mossie books.

If you are interested in reading or revisiting the Baas en Mossie books, you can try searching for them online using keywords such as "baas en mossie pdf 17" or "baas en mossie boek". You might also find some copies of the books in libraries, bookstores, or online marketplaces. Alternatively, you can join some of the online communities that celebrate the Baas en Mossie books and connect with other fans who might have access to them. The Baas en Mossie books are a treasure of Afrikaans literature that deserve to be preserved and enjoyed by future generations.

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