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Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller

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You can use the config.txt file and make changes as per your wish to view the results in a specific order or add/remove columns. Use nseta -r to view the path where you can make changes to config or add your own custom defined stocks.

download view now ( 248.35 MB )

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Let this run for a bit for the container image to be downloaded and cluster to start. If you have watch installed you can run watch -n 2 "kubectl get svc,pod to keep watch of changes to Services and Pods

As seen above elasticsearch cluster is up and running so lets configure kibana! Again it does take a while to get the image downloaded and started so keep checking the status. Don't forget about watch -n 2 "kubectl get svc,pod

Having tested many E16 powered SSDs, we know that the US70 will serve up some mind-blowing performance, so let's get into this review and get some exact numbers for Silicon Power's latest and greatest.

The US70 comes as a drive-only package. There are complementary software packages that are available via download to help with data migration and health monitoring. Silicon Motion provides everything you need to make your upgrade easy.

Jon joined the TweakTown team in 2013 and has since reviewed 100s of new storage products. Jon became a computer enthusiast when Windows XP launched. He was into water cooling and benching ATI video cards with modded drivers. Jon has been building computers for others for more than 10 years. Jon became a storage enthusiast the day he first booted an Intel X25-M G1 80GB SSD. Look for Jon to bring consumer SSD reviews into the spotlight. 041b061a72

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