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What is a Throw-In Bet? Top 3 Most Popular Types of Betting

The throw-in bet is a popular type of bet in football, placed on which team will perform the first throw-in or whether that throw-in will be successful. This is a unique and exciting form of betting, offering today football tips accumulator many opportunities to earn money for players.

Decoding the concept of a throw-in bet

The throw-in bet is a common type of bet in football betting. This type of bet allows players to bet on whether the number of throw-ins in a match will be odd or even. The bookmakers will offer specific odds for both odd and even options. These odds are based on various factors, including the playing styles of the two teams, the condition of the pitch, and the weather. To place a throw-in bet, players simply choose odd or even and place a certain amount of money. If the player's prediction is correct, they win the bet and receive a corresponding amount based on the odds. Conversely, if the prediction is wrong, the entire amount of the bet placed will be lost. The throw-in bet is a relatively easy-to-understand and low-risk type of bet, making it a suitable choice for both new and experienced players. However, players need to carefully consider the factors that may affect the teams' throw-in abilities before placing their bets. Top 3 most applied throw-in bet types This type of bet is based on the total number of throw-ins that occur in a match or half. There are various forms of betting within this category, each with its own method of calculating wins and losses. Here are the top 3 most commonly used throw-in bet types today:

First Throw-In Bet The first throw-in bet is considered a simple and easy-to-understand bet, suitable for beginners in football betting. To participate in this type of bet, players simply predict which team will perform the first throw-in in the match. Bookmakers will provide odds for each team, and players place their bets on the team they predict. After the match ends, if the team they bet on performs the first throw-in, they win the bet. Example: In a match between Chelsea and Manchester United, the bookmaker offers the following odds for the first throw-in bet:

Chelsea: 1.85

Manchester United: 1.95 If a player bets 100,000 VND on Chelsea and Chelsea performs the first throw-in, the player will receive 185,000 VND in winnings. Conversely, if Manchester United performs the first throw-in, the player loses the 100,000 VND bet they placed.

Handicap Throw-In Bet The handicap throw-in bet is a more complex type of bet, requiring players to analyze the positions of both teams more deeply. Bookmakers will provide odds for each team, where one team is given a handicap and the other team is given a handicap. Example: Handicap throw-in bet: Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Liverpool: Handicap 0.5 throw-ins

Real Madrid: Handicap 0.5 throw-ins If you bet on Liverpool and Liverpool performs fewer than 0.5 throw-ins compared to Real Madrid, you lose the bet. Conversely, if Liverpool performs more than 0.5 throw-ins compared to Real Madrid, you win the bet.

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Throw-in Bet

The throw-in bet requires players to predict the exact outcome of a throw-in situation. Bookmakers offer different odds for each possible outcome, including:



Ending in a corner kick

Ending in a free kick

For example: In a match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich, the bookmakers offer the following odds for the throw-in bet:

Success: 1.80

Failure: 2.00

Ending in a corner kick: 2.50

If you bet 100,000 VND on Success and the throw-in is successful, you win the bet and receive 180,000 VND. However, if the throw-in fails, you lose the 100,000 VND you bet.

Tips for Effective Throw-in Betting

Throw-in betting is a popular and attractive type of bet. To achieve the highest effectiveness in betting:

Understand the rules: Know the rules of throw-ins, including timing, valid throw-in positions, handling inaccuracies, and opponent interference.

Study statistics: Research throw-in statistics for teams and players, including average number of throw-ins per match, success and failure rates, and the number of fouls received from throw-ins.

Monitor player form: Pay attention to the form of players involved in throw-ins. Some players have reliable techniques, while others may be less consistent.

Observe match developments: Before placing bets, follow the match live or through updates to assess factors that could affect throw-in capabilities, such as weather conditions, player injuries, or team tactics.

Manage your bankroll: Avoid betting excessively on a single outcome. Manage your funds responsibly and only bet an amount you can afford to lose. Sports betting should be seen as entertainment rather than a quick money-making scheme.

Sharing Betting Experience for Beginners

Throw-in betting requires deep understanding and a good strategy to be profitable. For beginners:

Choose a bet that suits your style—risk-taking or cautious.

Analyze information and the recent form of both teams involved.

Consider weather conditions, as they can impact throw-in outcomes.


Throw-in betting offers numerous opportunities to earn money in football betting. However, understanding the rules, thorough match analysis, and responsible bankroll management are crucial for effective play. Remember, betting tips 1x2 app involves risks—play responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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